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Testimonials: Testimonials

Elena who owns/runs DTE Travel is a wonderful provider of top quality tourist services in Jordan. All communication was seamless via WhatsApp and we spoke once in the early stages of planning which was efficient in terms of explaining what we were hoping to achieve, accommodations, sites, visas, etc. Elena reacts immediately to all communication and has clearly put in place a top rate infrastructure for her clients at all sites of interest. She showed a great degree of flexibility (even during our short stay) which I will refer to momentarily. When entering Jordan we had a small temporary mishap with one piece of checked luggage. Elena's excellent "greeter" who met us literally at the gate where our plane from Doha had arrived accompanied us (quickly through a long line at customs) and then handled things with the airport authorities for us to locate our bag and get it to us -- and all with a reassuring smile. I have never seen service like this before. This was around 11pm and I was texting Elena and at that hour she was quickly responding and helping to figure things out. On the next day (Petra) we had a slight confusion with the driver and again, we texted and got an immediate response and a quick fix. Petra is a large site (it's not just the Treasury) and needs 3-6 hours (err more towards a longer stay and in summer it would be a good idea to stay the night before in town and enter early in the day) to properly see it (unless you just want to put a check in a "bucket list" instead of truly taking in the majesty of the this grand place). Our suggestion if you want to see the Monastery (a walk up 700 steep steps on the other side of the site) is to do it slowly (it's beautiful, but not a "must see") or not do it at all as it consumes a few hours. We went up on donkeys and you feel like they're going to fall off a cliff at times -- your choice. Elena had planned a meal for us in the town surrounding Petra but we realized we needed more time at the site and txted her to tell her we would be eating at the hotel over by the bottom of the Monastery steps. She alerted the driver and was super flexible. At our request we stayed in a "bubble tent" at Wadi Rum which was so worth it - stars literally above your head as you lie in your queen bed  -- glamping at its finest -- it's like being on Mars - don't miss it (ask Elena for the hotel where we stayed -- literally a jaw dropping location with your own very private "bubble", deck and jacuzzi. You could spend a few nights (we spent one) there and the bedouin guide Elena contracted for us was phenomenal and really knowledgeable. The restaurant Elena recommended in a small historic town on the way the Dead Sea was sensational (please ask her for details). Elena got us a great deal at the hotel right on the Dead Sea and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there (suggestion - take a dip - 15 mins maximum) in the late afternoon and again when they open up at 6am). 

Bottom line: we have never had a more impressive travel agent, who has an innate ability to understand her clients and provide whatever level of service fits one's budget (Jordan is a bargain in terms of lodging and food --  but Petra can be pricey). We missed staying in Amman (which everyone recommended to us -- didn't have enough time). There is no question who you should trust when it comes to your Jordanian journey. Elen Kotomina and DTE Travel. Thanks so much Elena for making our experience so memorable. 

Jeff T - NYC

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